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12 - Grey

Title: Midnight Whispers
Author: Nora [remember_nomore/simply_shiny]
Pairing: Eve, Darla, Lindsey
Rating: PG
Prompt: 12 - Grey
Word Count: 1263
Authors Note: No idea where the surreal-ness came from, I don’t argue with my muse; I know better.
Note: I think my mind is playing tricks on me or telling me that I don’t play Eve too much anymore. Who knows. Started writing and let the bunny take over from there. Just enjoy the ride. The prompt is in here somewhere... *cough*

“Lindsey?” Eve whispered as she curled up against him in the back of the cab.

“Yeah?” his tone was flat and she wasn’t sure if she should ask him, but it was on her mind and she couldn’t help it.

“What now?” It was a simple question but had far from an uncomplicated answer. “I mean…”

“I know what you are sayin’, I just don’t know the answer to give you. We take the day as it comes.”

’But that’s how we lived and look what happened…I’m dying. I’m dying Lindsey, can’t you see that?!’ “Okay.” They grew silent, the two of them emotionally exhausted from the day. The cab finally stopped and they sighed, glad to be back to the one place they felt at ease.

Their movements were automatic as they moved from the cab and up to their apartment on the fourth floor; the only sound was of metal upon metal echoing down the hall as Lindsey slipped the key in the lock.

Once he locked the door Eve started to strip, pulling off her red long sleeved shirt, followed by her black jeans, leaving them in a puddle on the floor. Without a word she slipped beneath the covers, her eyes looking at the now bare walls, remembering the symbols that were there this morning.

“Are you sure this will work?”

“It has kept me hidden from the partners so far. Don’t forget the down curve on the top there.”

“I don’t know why I never knew about this…”

“You know as well as I do, Eve, that the partners only tell what needs to be known.”

“But I’m liaison.”

“They treat you like a patsy.”

“I resent that.”

“I don’t.”

“I know. Lindsey, you are standing in the paint…”

“It’s okay,” his whisper pulled Eve out of her thoughts. His warmth was welcome as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “You’re not alone, I am here now.”

“Yeah.” Eve closed her eyes and tried to get herself to calm down enough to sleep. It was early but the day had worn down their bodies. She put all her focus into his breathing and the feel of his heartbeat against her back.

Eve wasn’t human more than a few hours and it felt like a lifetime; one that wasn’t going to last much longer.

With all her effort she wrapped her arms around herself, her hands over Lindsey’s and closed her eyes, trying to remember how to fall asleep…

Eve’s eyes shot open, as if a loud bang in the house woke her up. There was nothing but silence in the room yet she still lay perfectly still, listening for anything or anyone that could be around.

It was a soft methodic thudding noise that she could hear, it flooded her ears and made her eyes dart around like a scared rabbit. The sound continued and she sat up, clutching the sheet over herself as her eyes further adjusted to the darkness. It was a foreign sound but something she heard before.

A heartbeat. Her heartbeat.

The thought and action felt so absurd to her that she bolted out of bed, bending down and picking up one of Lindsey’s discarded shirts before heading to the living room. Pulling her focus away from the beating in her chest, Eve looked down at her feet and listened to her footsteps as her bare feet made a muted slapping sound against the wooden floor of their apartment.

For the first time she went to the kitchen out of necessity and not ‘human’ habit that was pushed into her brain. The bright light of the bulb in the back of the fridge lit up a path in the kitchen, showing Eve that there wasn’t much in the fridge except for some beer and left over Chinese food.

She pulled out one of Lindsey’s beers and the small container of lo mien before padding out onto the balcony. Her bare thighs felt cold against the material of the lounger, causing her to curl up her knees towards her chest.

The bottle hissed as the cap was twisted off, the fridge cold liquid sent a chill up her spine as she swallowed.

“How did I end up here…” Eve whispered, feeling a bit more of her break inside.

“You became entwined with Wolfram and Hart,” a breathy voice came from the shadows, jolting Eve out of her thoughts and caused her to grip onto the beer bottle harder – for defense not refreshment.

“T-they didn’t send you too…I already signed.”

“You don’t have me to be fearful of, you have more human worries now. Petty things much scarier than mortality; who knew the common cold would be something to fear…” The voice emerged and Eve first saw a silhouette of a slender woman and then the figure became more defined. She saw long blonde hair and a soft face, the way she moved made it look like she was floating rather than walking towards her.

Eve sat up in her seat, brushed her hair from her eyes and looked up at the woman. “Who are you? How did you find me?”

“That is of little importants, don’t you think?”


“I’m the ghost of Christmas past. Of Lindsey’s at least.”

“Darla,” Eve muttered, her Wolfram and Hart memory aiding her. “You’re dead.”

“I’ve had that memo for some time now. This is LA; nobody is really dead.” Darla paused and turned to look out at the city. “You’re right, I died. Was born. Died. Rinse and repeat.”


“You’re supposed to be the Senior Partners mouth, you are quite lacking in speech aren’t you duckling.” She glanced at the shorter woman over her shoulder. The breeze picked up for a moment, spinning Darla's hair around her shoulders and further solidifying the fact that Eve wasn’t losing her mind. “It’ll take time.” They were simple and complicated words.

“Excuse me?”

“Life is a terminal illness, I’ve lived it. Twice.”

“I don’t want to die.”

“Living forever isn’t what it used to be, there are too many people like Angel around fighting the good fight. It makes living forever too much work.”

“That’s all I know, I was designed for work. I’m just the messenger.”

“Then you’re not missing anything. It’s about enjoying life and taking this world for everything it has to offer. Angelus was a master of that; the nights we spent…” Darla’s eyes got darker as she looked up at the moonlight, memories filling her mind of how she enjoyed her ‘glory days’ with mate.

“To get used to this life, it was…difficult to say the least but…” Darla’s voice trailed off as her eyes turned towards the bedroom window of the apartment, her eyes focusing on the sleeping figure sprawled across the bed she could see through the blowing curtains. “Lindsey was never very skilled about the way the world works but don’t take him for someone stupid. He will guide you the best he can. Trust him.”

“I don’t know how to.” She wasn’t designed that way.

“Yes you do, you’ve come this far with him. I didn’t trust him enough, that was my mistake.” The wind whipped her hair again, the first drops of rain hitting the banister of the balcony. “Take the day’s as they are your last. Enjoy them while you have them.” There was a tone of regret in her voice, but before Eve could question her further she found herself alone again.

Darla had faded away with the wind and left Eve with nothing but her thoughts.
Tags: fandom - ats, finished challenge - nora
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