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Prompt: 28 - Children
Fandom: AtS
Pairing: Vamp-Lindsey/Eve
Rating: Shockingly, PG-13 O_o

It had been an accident. That was the kicker. Just a stupid accident, during which they’d taken his wallet and his heartbeat and turned him loose on the city. From the way they were laughing as he died and didn’t die, he figured that they thought it was the best joke in the world. Create a brand new vamp for kicks and watch the poor sucker of a bloodsucker stumble around, too dumb to get out of the sun.

Unfortunately for them, he was Lindsey McDonald and he knew plenty.

New as he was, he tore the small gang of vampires apart. It was the most fun that he’d had since his last throw-down with Angel. He licked the blood off his fingers while it was still hot and finally understood what Holland had been trying to drill into him all those years ago. This was clarity. This was true power, finally unhindered by the cumbersome soul that he’d been dragging around like a ball and chain all this time.

With his newly unclouded vision, Lindsey realized his priorities. There were repayments to be exacted, visits to be made. Angel, in particular, had owed Lindsey a pound of flesh for almost five years now. But first he had a debt of his own to clear. He headed to his apartment, pushing his new speed to the limit, drunk on real power.

He wanted to have a family again. And what was a family without children?

The threshold stopped him after he kicked down the door (He’d always wanted to do that!) and he grinned as he watched Eve cringe. She didn’t stand a chance.

“Oh god, look what they did to you,” she whispered, shrinking away from the door. “Lindsey…”

He shushed her, slipping back into his human mask. “It’s okay, baby. It’s better than okay. But that doesn’t matter now. Come here.” She came forward like he had her on a string. (Hadn’t he always?)

“What matters now?” she asked. The tears in her eyes made her beautiful and he could smell the despair on her like the sweetest perfume.

“You gave up immortality for me. And now I’m going to give it back.” Lindsey laughed and the sound was too loud in the closed space, a monster’s laugh. Eve flinched but didn’t move away. Of course she didn’t... she would’ve followed him into hell if he asked her nice enough. And what was one monster compared to a slow agonizing slide towards mortal death?

“But my soul…”

“Your soul,” he scoffed, leaning against the door frame. “You were never meant for a soul. You didn’t have one when I met you.” She hesitated and he beckoned her over, with a head tilt and a smile, easy as flirting. “I can give you forever, Eve, but you’ve got to ask for it now. Going once,” he said, reaching out for her. “Going twice…”

She reached over the threshold and took his hand.
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