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38 - Touch [Dead Like Me]

Title: A Simple Moment
Author: Nora [remember_nomore/simply_shiny]
Pairing: Mason/Daisy
Rating: G/PG
Prompt: 38 - Touch
Word Count: 306
Authors Note: So it took me a while with RL and all to write this out but I am in my favorite thinking place and this just kind of poured outta me. I've never written DLM verse before so hopefully this holds up. Daisy/Mason are so my otp.

A wicked smile, a flip of her long blonde hair and Daisy knew she had any man under her fingertips. It’s been that way since before she died. In fact she can’t remember a time when she couldn’t have her way.

Mason’s puppy love for her was ‘sweet’; she knew he would do anything for her, maybe even to the point of death again. But whoever heard of a grim reaper dying anyway?

But he was different.

Daisy always blew him off, pushed him away every time he flirted with her and showed interest. It was like every other time with a man – thankfully he wasn’t all hands like Gable was – she was pretty and unattainable and that’s what made him want her.

If she only knew that was far from it. Mason might not be the sharpest tool in the shed or by any means have two brain cells to make common sense but he saw past Daisy’s outside attitude. He saw what she hid inside, the bits of light she tried to hide away from the world.

That’s what made him want her. He wanted to comfort her when she hid herself away to break.

Mason knew what was inside her; he knew her past and the things that haunted her. He only wished she would give him even a second’s worth of chance to prove that to her; to prove that he saw beneath her veneer and was in love with the girl she kept hidden away and not the movie star she showed the world.

He was dead and a reaper, he had forever to prove his worth to her. For now he’d settle on the flip of her hair and wicked smile that would send him out into the cold at four AM to get her the ice cream she craved.
Tags: fandom - dlm, finished challenge - nora
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